Q: SCDHEC denied my property for a conventional septic system. What is my next step?

A: Contact us! We will arrange for a South Carolina Professional Soil Classifier to visit your site and determine the best location for a “specialized” septic system on your site. Using this report, a South Carolina Professional Engineer will prepare a system design and submit it to the SCDHEC. This report and permit will then be provided to a Delta Environmental Manufacturer-Approved Installer.

Q: What is an aerobic system?

A: Aerobic systems are similar to septic systems in that both treat wastewater using natural processes. However, unlike the conventional septic system, the aerobic system injects oxygen via a pump into the tank. This increase in oxygen increases the natural bacterial consumption of waste within the system . This process occurs entirely within the self-contained Whitewater Advanced Treatment Unit. This advanced aerobic treatment significantly reduces the total suspended solids (TSS) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the wastewater, which allows it to be dispersed into the soil through a series of Geoflow drip tubing. With this highly treated wastewater and “drip field” dispersal, our engineer can design a system to overcome the restrictive conditions of your lot.

Q: I have a very steep lot, will this system work?

A: This Delta Environmental System is capable of handling any site or soil conditions. Our system is specifically engineered for your site and can handle extreme conditions.

Q: Once the system is installed, is there any maintenance involved?

A: Two free years of maintenance are provided. After this, an annual maintenance agreement will be offered.

Q: What is an engineered onsite wastewater system?

A: South Carolina Regulation 61-56, Section 415, allows a property owner to have a licensed Professional Engineered consulting with a Professional Soil Classifier, reevaluate denied sites for the use of a specialized (often called 'engineered') onsite wastewater treatment system. These specialized systems are incorporated into a lot-specific design by the engineer and submitted to the DHEC for permitting